Shaq & Sabonis messed up roll vs pop tendencies

I just noticed this bs. Shaq has 0, Sabonis 99. Which means Shaq will pop out 99% of the time in certain situations and Sabo will roll 99% of the time :man_facepalming:t2: I have one play where I can see it clearly. They act like that EVERY SINGLE TIME. Good job 2k (again)… Smh

But hey, at least we know that tendencies work, right? Too bad that roster person (Stauffer?) doesn’t give a single fuck about them.

The only tendencies they know is dollar sign tendencies.


You might be on to something , I just had a game where I was up by 3 with 15 secs on the clock, my opponent ran a pik n pop with Sabonis and he was wide open for the game tieing 3 and as he was about to catch and shoot he cut into the paint and I blocked him for the W. 2ks tendencies are all messed up

2K’s game is all messed up.



I have zero problems running PNF with Sabas and have him fade at the 3pt line

dead game not gonna steal my money no more

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I’m not talking about manual p’n’f. There are certain plays where player can roll or fade depends on his tendencies.

A lot of fist and high plays have the pf/c set a screen. It’s the perfect example of a tendency determining the outcome

My biggest beef lately is Shaq’s post takeover really isn’t doing anything against other Centers. Everybody else throws guys out of the way, I’m really fucking confused.

McHale has most op post takeover throws yao

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Shaq can’t budge Yao. Last night in post takeover, I tried to post spin off AD and he did the mad long stumbly version, not the quick spin throw the guy version. It honestly seems like it isn’t working right.


Shaq is pretty annoying, standing layups for days

They usually go in though


Honestly, he refuses to dunk on other bigs. It’s maddening.


Yeah Shaq has the worst animations under the rim. Still the leading scorer on my team, but I have to use him more like a guard to get satisfactory production. His dribbling and post fade are what gets it done for me, but he’s nowhere near as dominant as he should be under the rim.

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Not allowing contact and hoping for an unrealistic strip or block animation is the only hope against post takeover haha

If you allow contact you’re going to be fouled by the offense with the ref failing to whistle and there’s nothing you can do :rofl:

Hits jumpers all day :joy::joy:

Yeah he hits some crazy shots as long as he has the space. Just wish he was dominant under the rim like he’s supposed to be instead of going for weak putback layups and getting stuffed.

You can manual fade with the player , or call with the icon to pop out