Shaq price below 200K XB1

Like all great cards that can’t shoot, price falling hard.

He went down to 200k during super bowl on ps4 and then shot back up to 250 in the evening. Wonder how much he is now.

People expecting moments

Last day in packs usually there’s a drop In price

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Unless you have Go Wilt, this Shaq is a must have for those that can afford it. Defense, Rebounding and inside BullyBall reign supreme.

Mutombo looks better overall. Im unsure who to run out of the 2 cuz shaqs price will come down during anniversary super packs

Anyone with Shaq wanna fun a friendly against my Hakeem later? XB1

I was wondering same. I have dikembe with the purple Kyries and he’s a beast. Wanted to pick up Shaq and see what hype is about but on paper they look similar. Have you played with both? Shaq worth it?

I played with both and sold shaq after about 4 games due to his price being at 330k at the time. He felt wayy nicer on offense (u cant really run with the ball and dunk with mutombo) but as far as defense and speed i felt mutombo did his thing. The height aswell, even tho shaq can bully on defense, seeing him posted up against kareem felt worrying due to height.

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I figure Limited Kareem with his badges, height and good middie is at least even with Shaq

LTD KAJ is much better.