Shaq just destroyed Lillard

Shaq just destroyed Lillard

Shaq KILLED that sh**

“Take your time to respond, there is no hurry / You’ll never be Westbrook, never be Curry”

“What’s in your wallet, American Express or Visa / Talkin’ like your Bron, You ain’t even Trevor Ariza.”


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What was Shaq’s motivation here , as if the NBA world isn’t discounting or minimizing Lillard enough.

Apparently, Dame went at Shaq first, saying that he should thank Kobe for his 3 rings with the Lakers

I’m with Shaq on this one, I like Dame but he’s not even 1/10th of the legend Shaq is


Come on guys, we are better then this

This is where it started

And this was Dame response a day later to Shaq diss

And then Dame waited 3 days and hit him with a back to back


Dame absolutely slaughter Shaq


Shaq diss was so much better. I don’t like Lillard rap skills that much

Lillard sounds like nowdays rappers but Shaq is old school

Aye to each is own, i don’t think it’s a contest, dame easily is the best NBA rapper ever, Shaq may have more accomplishments, but as far as skill, it’s dame, no question, and he showed it here, imo

from the songs that I listened his flow sounds very casually

It sounded like quality music to me, lol, Shaq sounded like voice recorder on iPhone in your bathroom, don’t get me wrong, I like Shaq, but let’s me real, he not a rapper rapper, dame is a rapper rapper

Big name, got big bread, but you corny
Gift bags get purchased every time you get horny, then they repo’d

If u know Shaq, then u know why this bar is so great


Shaq uses ghostwriters anyway. Dame straight out murdered the corny clown.

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always got love for shaq hes an all timer. But yooooo dame got them bars tho. Hes a killer.


Ah I didn’t know that. Shouldn’t have poked the bear.

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Lillard coming at Shaq trying to hype his name up. My parents know who Shaq is…not a single person in my family knows who Lillard is. Hate makes you stupid. Lillard is a hater. Shaq destroyed him. Lillard not a top 3 pg in todays NBA (Curry, Kyrie, Russ). Shaq top 3 C’s in history.

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They’re friends lol

Rap beef isnt real especially between NBA stars

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This is a truly incredible post


This is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed Shaq. Might be only person alive who is easier to understand when he’s rapping than talking

He didn’t come at Shaq, he said he was the better rapper, which is clearly true, Shaq made songs, and have ghostwriters, dame is a rapper rapper, Shaq popularity and legacy doesn’t make him the winner in this situation, the pretense of the argument was rapping, not who is more well known, it’s a lot of battle rappers ppl don’t know that are better then the big name rappers we know today