Shake vs BooPainter on stream right now

Goodluck bro @KidKain

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Kick his aaaazzz or whatever Smokey said


Link don’t work

try this one for mobile

Base 11 bs. He not missing with pettit

Yeah 21 pts with pettit in the 1st qtr :crazy_face:

This dude has Isaac bonga smh

How did you drop step Drob with diamond ask?

lollll @KidKain the budget squad goat

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@KidKain I like you bro keeping up with a pro with that inferior team


Dude is the epitome of whatever is wrong with 2k

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@BooPainter your crying is A1, keep up the good entertainment.


Is he still using Giannis at point + 5-out combination?

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Trash. He can’t believe that bs isn’t working everytime.

Gotta be prepared for pettit to come back in

How can u complain about offball and ur offballing? @BooPainter

How you get sharpshooter on D Rob?

Casey with AD MID?

DRob with the behind the back 3 pointer. Yup, that was part of my childhood.


David Curry. This game is so trash lmao

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i started when he did