Shai Gilgeous-Alexander appreciation thread

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander appreciation thread

This kid is going to be special in the NBA. Future all star. Don’t sleep on him


Time will tell, but I wouldnt put much weight on a couple good games…especially on a bad team.

First step is explosive

Could be a great defender with that size as well

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They’re not a “bad team” I’d say they’re average.

Time will tell on that aswell but I fail to see how that isnt a team in rebuild mode.

Cause they have Steven Adams gallo and cp3 and Dennis Schroeder

Thats a below average roster in the west lol

It’s average I’d say. A bit better than average when everyone is playing good

Above average in the west would mean 7th seed. I don’t see them making the play offs…

A bit above average when everyone is playing well. Is what I said. The only good player this season so far is shai

Shai is a beast I agree future all star


Yup. Ship cp3 out ASAP this is shai’s team

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Officially my second favorite player on the Thunder


Bro your delusional. They are.bad bad bad

Clippers will regret this one. A rare Presti win.

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Adams damn near useless without a PNR partner

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Yea Ik cp3 is not good in the pick n roll

Presti is good but shai woah he’s something else


Thunder losing double digits to the wizards is not agl

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