SG lineup

guys i need help.
im not comfortable with my squad.
i feel like i dont have a primary scorer. i need a better 3 pt shooter. best would be a SG. do you have any tips? i have 100k MT left

Your starting team is really good, i would work on the bench

Moreover every player on that starting team can be a primary scorer: you just have to find a mismatch and try to use it in your favour

Dale Ellis, ray allen, Brandon roy, mo pete, amy j.r., mike redd

I agree with this take 100%. When I’m running my full PD starting 5 I honestly have zero clue who will score the most. My go-to scorer is whoever is playing best that game and I make sure I know how I like to score with who and where.

yeah i often just dont know how to score, i had PD jordan before and it was just eaaaasy. now im just stuck in my offense, dunno. for how much is PD Roy going on PS4 ?

Run your plays through Paul George as he is an amazing primary scorer. In a team of PD’s it took a while to get used to playing that way but he’s great and will put up buckets very quickly and efficiently

oke gonna try it

i sold PG and i have 280k MT now, i need a SG. who should i go for ?

limited roy ? but dont know his price

hes going for like 450k … :frowning:

I have bought a limited Roy for 310k today. So maybe you can snipe one for around 300k. Drazen would also fit in when you want a top-notch shooter. He is around 150k.

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do you think the price of roy gonna get down when sig kobe drops?

maybe i’ll just wait for some new big drop, the prices could drop, couldnt they ?

Hard to say, just keep an eye on the wanted card, there is always the chance for a good deal when the supply is high.

Sell the eight man rotation on your bench. None of those players are going to cut it in unlimited.

Use the MT to put together this:

The real problem looks to be your bench. That’s what needs improving. If you are itching for a go to scorer at the SG position, you might be able to afford diamond Kobe. If not now, he’ll go down in price when his anniversary card drops. He’s a versatile scorer who can do it all. Three ball, post ups, slasher, you name it.

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