SF discussion

Looking at picking up a SF for around 130k.

I’m seeing Pippen around that number and if I go higher around 165-170k the Paul George newer moments (black shirt).

Is PG worth the extra MT?

Also any opinions on Elgin Baylor or John Havl?

And no I won’t be playing a center at SF :grin:

Scottie is a dog with the new patch


Scottie is great on D…fast with the ball and finishes great at the rim. His shot is just so damn slow.

I might grab Hondo if I can build enough MT

PG13 was my best shooter on offense (72% 3pt) and more than solid on defense.

I played him at SG but SF works too.

His PD is going to be ridiculous.


What about Kuzma at SF?

PG13 is one of the best well rounded SF/SG in today’s game.

Scottie Better in Defense
PG13 Better Overall

PG is perfect.

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Scottie or pg (either one really) you cant go wrong w either

People sleep on diamond Jamal Mashburn, but that man throws down some NASTY dunks and his jump shot is wet. I love his card, find it hard to get rid of him from my team.

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Anymore opinions on Hondo or Elgin?

I love Elgin, he can dunk, shoot, play solid defense. A bit undersized at the 3 but the card is very underrated

PotM Dr. J? :slight_smile:

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My real opinion is that PD Kawhi w/ 3 pt. shoe is really the best SF you can get. He’s even better than Pippen. He nails open 3s so easily because his release is easy to green.

Scottie > Kawhi

I’ve had them both. Matter of taste I guess. I prefer Kawhi’s release and dunking.

Humm didn’t even consider him. Can usually grab him at 100k too which is a plus.

You think he’s better than PG? I guess I would be saving 60-70k too.

Hell no

Depends on how you use your SF. I use my SG as my primary scoring option. If you want offense go with PG13.

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Def not better than PG

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