SF Dilemma

Sell KD + Curry for MT and then pick up Granger for backup 3 and PG for backup 4?
Thinking of at the 3 --> New PG or Granger if hes that great
At the 4 --> Mad limitied, a rebounding PG would be so much clutcher.


Depends where you play pg, if you run him at the four the first card the second pg if you run him at the two or three

new PG. Better defense, mainly steal rating, shooting both from 3 and midrange.

Is the New PG better than Granger IMO off the bench at the 3?
Looking for a 3 and D guy, rather pick up new PG and save MT on Granger

P.S. The only reason I’m considering Granger is because i heard he’s glitchyyyyyyyy
but PG has been a glitch in every game

New PG over Danny at the backup 3 spot?

New PG Great Offense Great Defense
Danny Granger Greater Offense Average Defense


just think of it like this

Granger is slightly better in this meta for sure. The base 11 quick twitch release is as good as it gets but that card is 400k MT!!!

PG13 is like 115-130k MT… no way granger is that much more valuable when you consider that PG13 is the much better defender.

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What’s the best DI shoe for him?

Red Kyries Both IMO

Personally I have the red kyries on him which are very good for him but not sure if theyre technically the “best”

BTW also have Klay and Drazen I recently picked up so saving MT would be nice

Might as well sell Drazen tbh

I think you dont need Granger just add the new PG save MT for next anniv or new PD

How’s he play for you? Reliable everytime he has the ball in his hands?

Speaking of new shit, other than “Agent 00 Gilbert Arenas”
we not getting no new content for a while after him?

What’s a good price on the new one?
Seen him ending on 110-125k about 6hrs ago

I dont know man but look at the players at the new Anniversary Series 2. For sure starters.
Maybe Agent Zero is Coming or someone with Number 0

Hes great. Best used as a 3&D SG that can create his own shot and for others here and there. He can hit limitless no problem. Plays great defense and can dunk really well based on animations alone.

I think hes one of the best SG you can possibly have. I dont feel like im at a disadvantage at all no matter who hes matched up against

Signature 2 we def getting a PD LBJ and Kobe so I want my hands on em
but ehhhhh I gotta look again, my team been a killer

i got him for 120k