Servers fried?

Is anyone else getting constant error coded in online games?

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Yeah I got error coded in a tto game. 2k’s servers are so bad that you need the world’s best internet to play without lag, and even then, you’re still victim to error codes.


it’s because it’s error code simulator, not 2k

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What region are you in? I’m Aus/NZ

I’m in Arizona so I’m in the Western United States

Ok so the servers are worldwide shit right now. Probably ‘optimising’ next gen now that the tournaments are over aka tinkering with and breaking these servers. We will all be ice skating like every player on PS4 in the tournament soon

2k makes no sense. If games like Fortnite barely have any lag, then why does an online 2 player game lag so bad? If other companies have the same trash servers as 2k, their headquarters would’ve probably exploded. Imagine Call of Duty but with 2k’s shit servers.

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they need to replace their kogan servers

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A live look at 2k servers:


I’m having bad server issues now. Wack

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Especially on mycareer

The only game lagging in wifi6 network…

2k/rockstar /w cable server are shit

Great if you’re playing park or rec. Get a disconnect and take a 0,5 hit on your overall.

Northeast US been fine for me.
I usually check this.

Edit. Looks like there were some complaints hours ago