Servers down?

Cant even connect to myteam…

Fuck I just got home too

Damn, seen a magic go for 180k


Same, can’t connect

I can’t connect

Man all those juicy cards to bid on right now lol

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I can connect fine to MyCareer, even went to spin the VIP wheel twice. But i can’t connect to MyTeam, i tried at least 10 times.

Just as i was about to win a limited kobe for 3.5m servers crash and i couldnt bid. 3 mins were left. Fuck

Just about all opals are ending at 100k :open_mouth:. Magic Bird everything

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Damn how long usually

People are going to snap when they see their cards sold for 100k :joy:


LOL. Man servers been worse it’s been all year this week…I’m actually getting upset

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Hahaha if only there’s a way to predict these kind of stuffs Hahaha

new banwave.

Man I need a 100k. I just used my 100k sniping Yao dang!!! I want magic

I got in but cant bid just getting errors.

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Fuck this gonna be awhile?

ye, its permanent

Csnt sell my card and jump on the auction house

Seen Yao go 100k Magic 167k lol