Servers currently fine (update they trash again)

Title… i woke up 2 hours ago, so I can confirm everything’s been fine since then… wondering how long this will last tho

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Till KG packs drop lol.


Time to buy then? People throw massive cards to the AH waiting for profit, and sure they will have it. I’ve not sniped anything but the AH prices would be good when everybody sells their snipes.

I won’t buy Hakeem or Lonzo drop under 300k

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I don’t buy them if they are over 300k :rofl:

Hakeem on the box is 170-190 lol

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You guys always have lower prices

He was 400k few hours ago. Now looks like he’s 280k, trying to grab one

I will wait for Lonzo, it really hurts me to buy him so high

Lonzo this morning was 300 plus, I was waiting for the time to put him up I pulled three just to be safe I only threw one of the extras up to scared to not get profit lol

Grabbed Hakeem at 250k PS4

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My Melo is selling. I will get around 320k since he is maxed out and diamond shoe/contract.

I will have around 450k to finish the set (Grab Lonzo and all the PD)

These cards will plummet as soon as Tuesday when the Award Winners are in packs including Opal Giannis.

Today if KG drops.

Just no point in paying a premium. I’m too used to paying 100k.

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I just listed my Hakeem . . . I can’t justify keeping him when I have Wilt and am going to unlock Shaq, it’s a waste of MT. I paid 110 so I’m pretty sure I’ll make a decent profit, going to use the proceeds for MJ I think.

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So no more AH glitch right now? For PS4. Thanks!

How was Hakeem? I don’t care for this Opal AD as much as others. Defensively he’s a beast, but I hate his slow shot and skinny frame.

Is GO Oscar BIN?

Like the 98 but quicker that’s really it unless you want the tokens imo no reason to upgrade

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got hakeem zo and oscar for 350

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Almost, 100-120k
But there a lot of snipes under 100k if you patient enough :grinning:

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The kids really love Zo.

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2k dropping kg and going to end the servers