Series offense

Series offense

Anybody using some of the series for offense instead of freelances? I just wanna have some fun during the Kobe grind till I play some sim ball.
There is a tutorial or description for them anywhere? Just wanna know what they offer, which ones recommended for specific playstyles etc.

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It’s hard to play sim ball with the way defensive settings are.


Sometimes I mess with series but they can be very unprecictable in terms of which player runs a specific action. I usually stick with manual plays because of this.

was running those iverson series last year, but i havent actually seen anything mentioned about series at all this year

Series does glitch for me. It won’t select.

I prefer a freelance that fits the formation of your plays because when you run a play and have it broken, the freelance automatically runs and basically bails you out.

Series don’t do that, it just runs a series of plays that has a base play and different branches.

With the “blitz-gate” that is happening right now, triangle offense is a gem i swear people should stop sleeping on it tbh haha


I got some cheesy ass series tucked. I love Series because it’s like having like 10 playbooks at once. :slight_smile:

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Which playbooks are you using

Kings and my favorite plays are

  • quick hammer
  • quick hammer snap
  • give 51 chicago
  • quick 4 dbl 3 ???

And I run triangle offense freelance. I don’t use my plays often, I only use it if my trying to force a certain action or basket. I run with my triangle freelance almost since 2k16.


Maybe with myteam the Triangle can work since you can have 5 greats in your lineup. Everytime I try it in PNO, the cpu is on dumb shit having Derek Fisher or Steve Kerr posting up :man_facepalming: lol


Really? The 5 is always the one posting up for me. I hate it because there’s never a mismatch at center, you really have to have a HUGE glitched forward playing guard posting up a smaller guard for it to work.

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You have to initiate the strong side triangle so that the PG goes to the ULCA cut to the corners with the pinch post option on the weak side.

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So any series that recommended? I wanna try something new for the cpu grind.

5 out and iverson are pretty decent.

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You know what, they may have patched it. I took this into scrimmage with the classic Knicks (Amare and Melo) and the offense ran pretty well once I subbed out Tyson for Novak and moved Amare to the 5. What lineup do you run?

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Double Drag was a fire series in 2k19 but I haven’t used it much 2K20


I just started 2k20 so I dont have a definitive lineup yet but i always pattern my team from the typical triangle teams.

G - Defensive Playmaking Off-Ball Guard
G - Pure Scoring Wing (MJ Kobe Role)
F - 3&D (Pippen, Artest Role)
F - Playmaking Stretch 4 (Odom Role)
C - Playmaking Post Up Dominant Big

It’s a must that your players can pass well and set screens well because off ball screens are what makes the triangle offense.

It’s an advantage right now assuming that most people blitz pnr screens, the triangle doesn’t have alot of screens, and the pinch post kills that blitz defense 100%.


I think the 2/3 can be swapped if necessary. I had Melo at the 3 and JR Smith at the 2 and ran it just fine, maybe the “touches” tendency has something to do with it as well. I have noticed that 4 and 5 aren’t interchangeable tho. The game treated Tyson Chandler like a scoring threat when it should have been Amare.

Yep the 4 always play the playmaker role in the triangle. It’s very important that your 5 is a post up god.

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Damn this is a great post. I’m going to give it a shot.