Serge and Posterizer?

I checked on 2KDB.NET and it shows that Serge can hold the Posterizer badge. But when I go to apply it, in game it wont let me? How is 2K not allowing Serge Ibaka of all players to hold Poster?

If he can’t hold it normally than would the only way to apply one be by using a HoF Poster on him?

Are u applying it bronze first?

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Yeah… it won’t let me.

I guess he can only hold HoF Poster? since any HoF badge can be added to any player.

It just doesn’t make sense that serge is known for dunking (especially on the Thunder) and has 90s in his dunking stats. Even his DD with KD increases his dunk rating… Seems like an accidental mistake on 2k’s part. It’s like, if he could only hold 1 badge, it would be Poster for sure.

News flash, my guy… not much that 2k does makes sense.

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They’re so lazy that they just copy players and give them a new face and name. Like Strickland last year was 100% Kyrie Irving.
So no wonder that they mess things up with badges. That’s why this badging system sucks. 2k messes up a card and you’re F’d if you really like that card. Because they’re not fixing anything.

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