Sending bat signal (Euroleague talk)

To @Ddrop :rofl:

This is regarding Euroleague game between Zalgiris vs Fener. Anyone from EU (or not) are watching any Euroleague games these days ?


I would definitely enjoy watching some EuroLeague — but I wouldn’t really know where to start other than looking at standings and then trying to find the best matchups.

I just really don’t know which teams/players to watch and follow to get the best overall experience.

I’m very green regarding the subject… but I would assume that the EuroLeague is probably similar to the Champions League, so most of the matchups will have a more intense/competitive feel to them, right??

I get a pretty good variety of international sports on my cable package because my wife is a huge soccer/football fan, so we watch a lot of European and South American soccer in our house.

I’m always seeing international basketball games on the guide, but I really don’t have a clue where to start other than knowing some of Real Madrid’s roaster after watching a bunch of Luka highlights the past few years.

If you want to use this thread to keep us updated, or even send me a DM when there is a big game or a rivalry game where two teams really don’t like each other, I would be most appreciative.

Basketball is Basketball… and with the talent and gamesmanship that the international players are bringing to the NBA, I know you guys have some highly competitive and entertaining games that could please any basketball fan.

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I would suggest watching some different matchups every week, theres a lot of good teams. I’d say currently Barcelona is team on the rise. They got some great players, but there are more amazing teams.

My hometown team Zalgiris who constantly got one of the lowest budgets pulled a miracle. Down 7 with 1 minute left and we won by 3 against amazing team in Fenerbache.

It is by FAR most intense season in euroleague, tons of talent and upsets.

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we should’ve parted ways with Kalinic, Sloukas and Gigi last year. Westermann was a bad move too.
i cant believe what happened to this team.

You dont like Sloukas? His pretty nice player in my opinion. But yah losing Guduric and Melli and getting not a whole lot of good replacements kinda hurt you big time.

We are by far the worst team of this year. Not on paper but on court. There is a huge mental problem on the team and mostly (i hope) it’s because Obradovic wants a new & better contract. His teams fall of the cliff in his last year all the time.

I think you just lost 2 good players in Melli and Guduric and did not get proper replacements. Your bigs other then Veseley aint a whole lot and Gigi is getting kinda old or whateva is his story.

Guduric was average not a loss imo. Melli on the other hand, his basketball iq is very high, he was always contributing. Team’s main problem is Obradovic right now, some fans are already asking for Jasikevicius as our new coach next year. Someone thirsty at least. We have De Colo & can’t use him properly for god’s sake. Sloukas passed Vesely instead of him which is also not a good sign… Huge chemistry problems this year i don’t think we’ll even make it to the final 8 unless we renew Obra’s contract :disappointed: and/or solve De Colo vs Sloukas problem.

Yah you’re digging a hole right now and Euroleague is tough as nails this year gotta step that shit up ASAP or its gonna be a problem to climb back up.

Our schedule is also horrible lol, too many away games at once. Congrats for the win this time, well deserved.

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Gotta wonder how long is he gonna coach Zalgiris with the way hes making this team click.

2 years tops. We’ll get him eventually :grin: wish we also had him as our PG in his prime, he did pretty good even in his retirement. One of my favorite guards in EU (of all time).

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Its crazy we lose like half our team in offseason every season, he takes some no name scrubs and makes them into stars.

Zalgiris is not just a basketball team, it’s a basketball culture on the court. Names never mattered, you have the best school.

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Btw u seen the interview, KD mentioned he wanted to play in Euroleague in his last year, particularly in Barcelona. :sweat_smile::joy:

He got way too much time on his hands these just some dumb talk he’d quit 2 games in. It’d be too rough and tough lol.

It felt like he is blinking for alternatives if the worst happens, if he can’t recover on Nba level ever again :joy: Snake!

Thanks man!!

I can tell just by the announcers passionate calling of the game and the amped up crowd that it will be something I’ll enjoy watching.

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Euroleague is a tough competition this year. My team Red Star Belgrade started off really slow though. We already had a change of the head coach, injuries to James Gist and Derrick Brown ( i think Brown is done for), several players are playing really poor but we had a good showing against Himki last game so I am hoping we can build on it.

I am suprised Fener is also off to a really bad start. I am sure they will recover though, unless the chemistry in the locker room is really bad.

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