Selling xbox MT. 13 per 100k. Multiple vouches. Avoid Ban Method

Selling xbox MT. 13 per 100k. Multiple vouches. Avoid Ban Method

No paypal, only Cash app or Venmo. Got over 6mil to move and possibly more if I sell cards. Been doing this for years just never been on 2kgamer, hopefully if anyone here recognizes my name they can vouch. Hit me up here or on twitter DMs @Procis1on

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Make sure to get vouches. If you can’t supply them most won’t be comfortable to go first. But many trusted members u can trust here to go first. Just do a vouch check. Good luck dude

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VOUCH! I’ve known this guy for years. He is as legit as they come. 100% safe buying from him.

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Just replying to some DMs now, honestly im much easier to reach on twitter then on here.

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Just leave the tab open with 2kg it shows a 1 when u get a message lol

Why don’t you take Paypal and only Venmo Cash app?

Way too easy for people to chargeback on Paypal

Even with Friends & family? I thought Venmo was the same as Paypal

Couching for Procis1on. Just completed a transaction with him. Easy and quick. I will shop again.


First completed transaction on here, good doing business2431f047bc131394d592be2ebb8948d9

He’s legit. bought from him multiple times

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Only doing cash app.

bump ,

If you wait a few I’ll buy some

Great seller!

Good business, Vouching for him!! Legit.

Vouch got 400k for my boy :+1:t3::+1:t3:

Vouch again! My guy is fast and on time. Never a problem. The real deal.