Selling XBOX MT $12/100k

Selling XBOX MT $12/100k

Taking a break from the game and need this MT gone.

-Have 800k to sell
-If you’re a trusted member I will go first
-PayPal only
-DM if interested

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Vouch! Quick and easy :slight_smile:

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Vouch, easy fast transaction!

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Cough classifieds cough

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How much left

400 left

I’ll take it

Vouch extremely easy smooth transaction… Great seller

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All sold out for now

Have some mt to sell

Lots of MT in stock to sell. DM if interested

U selling mt

Million left in stock 12/100

Sending dm now

Big couch bought quick no problems

How big a couch?


Big enough to smash yo girl on tbh


Have to say doing business with jig is nothing less than great man of little words but honors his word and buys the card for a great price thanks man have to say I want to make you my main dealer thank man


Bought opal Larry and opened a few packs with the left over my

Pd bol says hello friends