Selling XB1 MT 1mil stock

Alright time to start doing this again.

This is my first time selling 2k20 coin , but I sold millions of 2k19 coin here on 2kg so I have my rep and vouchers from here and my attitude towards coin selling hasn’t changed since 2k19 :sweat_smile:
Looking to sell maxmimum 500-800k not more.

This year i was more into Madden , but it’s time to sell some 2k20 coin now.
Paypal only:

How much for 250

30 is good for me

Sent a pm

Vouch for seller, quick easy transaction

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Appreciate it my man :blush:

Bump , 1 mil in stock :slight_smile:

I paid for the MT first and he bought my cards fast. Thank you.

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How much for 300k Mt ? Xbox 1

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I got the same question

sent you a PM

1.1 mil in stock. Lot of great vouches. Hit me up here or PM

Quick and easy transaction. Highly recommended

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Bump , more than 1 Mil in stock
Payment : Paypal

Can I buy mt?

how are ur rates

I can go as low as 9/100

im good for now bro thanks

no worries :grin:

1.5-2 mil stock