Selling XB1 MT $14/100K WE BACK!

Have a ton of MT to sell.
Plenty vouchers
Paypal only
$15 per 100k

anything left on your old 2k18 maybe?

nope, sorry bro

Vouch! Real cool dude and easy to deal with :+1:

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B, still selling

2.6 mil left, discount if you buy in bulk

B, get you some MT for those highly anticipated moments lmao

Bought 1M today, very smooth transaction. Vouch for sure

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Pleasure doing business with you! I still have about 2.2 mil left.

Bought another 400k on short notice, quick and smooth again.

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Thanks bro, another 1.7 mil left.

I need 500k DM

Easy transaction, definitely vouch for this guy

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@teqson do you cover tax at all

can vouch my man is 100% legit just bought 100k off him absolute legend very understanding guy

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1.4 mil left.

Bump, get yourself that PD Kuz lol

B, 1.7 mil to sell atm.

Quick an legit :fist:

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1.2 mil left.

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