Selling PS4 MT

Selling at $4.5/100k. Bulk discounts available.
1M $40.

Willing to go first to guys with plenty vouches.
Paypal friends and family only.

Got 2 mil?

Yessir. Check msg

How much?


Big Vouch for my guy he’s new but he’s str8 up fast and certified :100::100::100::100:

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Big vouch this dude is legit! A+

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Still have any mt available?

Got any left

Bump. Got 500k for $25

Wrong thread sorry

Bump. 1.7M at $5/100K. 1M $45

Big vouch! Super quick!

Any left ?

You still got some?


Got 120k mt on ps5 and 90k on xbox both consoles at $3.5/10k

Closed Pending Resolution of Allegations of Not Delivering as Agreed