**selling ps4 MT**

**selling ps4 MT**

Price 11- 15$

(Pay pal)
(2 mill MT)
:stop_sign:IN STOCK

:boom:still in stock

Still have MT to sell :stop_sign:

In b4 @trala7

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Hey mate, good luck selling :slight_smile:

Just FYI, you’re only allowed to bump classifieds threads once every 24 hours:

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Just trying to be a helpful community member! Haha

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Haha you’re good man! All I’m good fun

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Thanks I didn’t know that I’ll stop bumping



Still have 2.8 mill looking for a buyer

Sent a pm

Bought 400k went smooth he went first very trustworthy !!

How much per 100k?

13-15 (negotiable)

Still in stock for 3mill :boom: looking for buyers

3.3 mill in stock :boom:

12-15 per 100k

Looking for a buyer :boom: