Selling PS4 account with NBA 2K21 Mamba Edition + more

I don’t know if this is even a thing, but I kinda done goofed when I bought 2K21. Couldn’t figure out which next gen console I’d be getting, but I’ve decided that I’m getting the Xbox Series S, so my PS4 stuff is kinda irrelevant. Not to mention that I don’t see myself playing 2K21 ever again.

I have the following games on this account:

NBA 2K21 Mamba Edition (Only got like 40k MT, halfway through Dom and spent 120k VC on a MyPlayer so nothing special. You get the PS5 version for free though)
Call of Duty - Modern Warfare
F1 2020
NBA 2K20

NOTE that this is a Danish account and you can’t change the store region to US. But I believe that you can play the games on any account if you set the account as primary.

This is really just on the off chance that someone was looking to get the game for a discount and maybe COD too - so it doesn’t go to waste. Either way ya’ll know where to find me if you’re interested.


huge vouch for mallard. Great guy and very reputable

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Still selling

Just gonna keep bumping cause at this rate I’ll never touch this game again

Fuck off Randy


Price is fairly cheap

Price is $30

Includes Mamba Editon (60k MT), COD and F1 etc.

Alright guys this is a steal lol bump for @cruelmallard


Appreciate it my man, ikr it’s a damn steal I’m selling my PS4 too just need this shit gone first :smiling_imp:

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Still selling this shit :rofl:

Someone still hasn’t bought? Bro what? Mamba edition with current gen and next gen game for $30.

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That’s what I’m saying :rofl:

I’m selling my PS4 soon in preparation for next gen so don’t want it to go to waste

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You would have to give access to the original email also though

It’s just a burner gmail so I’d have no problem with that

You got curry? Lol

Hell naw haha I’ve got like 8k XP. Stopped playing a few weeks ago.

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Can Danish peeps go on the AH?

Yessir I think it’s only in Netherlands and Belgium that the AH is locked

Most likely the last bump

If this was Xbox I would definitely buy it

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