Selling playbooks

Any of y’all sell playbooks at once? What price should I list them? -_- I can check but it’s too damn many…I’m.down to the silver and bronze

You should actually check prices. Some of the silver and bronze books go for 3k, some for 600 Mt (ps4).
There are 75 playbooks. You can check prices and sell them in one day.

That day is today and I was looking for a rough # to just get em off me. Ended up selling golds for 1k. silvers on bid 2.5-3k. and bronze 950 each.

ive been discarding playbooks since day 1 wtf


Don’t discard/quicksell anything cept for shitty emeralds,Sapphire and Rubys. Silver n bronze shoes without 3 pters. Injury cards. But yeah everything sells

Agreed. Jerseys sell for more than u think. Sold gold aways for 2.25 today. Probably 10 of them lol

Lol whaaat. Nice. I get rid of those 4 the low fuck it. Yeah some kids don’t understand the filters

It always happens you out a 4 hour buy now. And it sells at the end of the 4 hours. Never understand that rly

It aint me lol