Selling PD MJ

I want to sell my MJ
With contract and orange CP3
For 4H or 12H?
I am in europe

Sell in 2 hours. For 12 hours. Imo. But throwbacks coming tomorrow in 9.5 hours so might get affected by that not sure

OK thanks

14 hours itl be 530 pm est. U can afford to wait maybe 4hours. End at 730. Depends how long u can wait

I sold mine yesterday. I am also in europe. It ended around 4 or 5 pm european time. I got lucky and he was the only one in a 2,5 hour window. Mine didn’t have a shoe or diamond contract and ended at 482.100.

4 or 5 your time ? Or est ?

Why are you selling him bro??

Im not. Op is

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Because I have D kobe too and he’s better and I prefer have some MT back before PD kobe came out

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Sorry, I knew I forgot something. 4/5 pm european time. Not the best time to end an auction but imo it is more important to avoid other MJs ending around the same time.

Lol sorry my bad

This is true. There is a window where there isnt many people online period. Its like 5/8 am est. So id avoid that time. But ur right. Try to stagger your mj to avoid others

Finally I think I weel keep him
Don’t see any vintage SG with same defense and shoot capacities

When PD kobe will be out you think is price will go down so much?

We don’t even know we’re getting a PD Kobe. Maybe they’ll go straight to GO and that wouldn’t be in the same category.