Selling PD Michael Jordan?

How much do you think I will get for him? I really love his card and I have used him for a while now, but I am thinking about selling him in order to try out all the new cards as well. What do you think I will get for him at this point, and should I do it?


You don’t trade MJ. You let him retire.


Don’t put him up during off peak hours if you do sell him. I was watching a PD Jordan with a diamond contract and the open 3/passing/acceleration Jordans on the PS4 AH yesterday that was put up for 4 hours during a weird time of the day. I said I would not touch PD Jordan again with a ten foot pole… but I sure did for 565k lol.

I rebought him after all my shit talking. He’s playing like actual PD MJ now lol… wow is all I can say.

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I sold mine the day before Tmac with an inifinite contract and blue ball control shoe for 800,050. Set up the auction to end at just before 10 pm Eastern Thursday.