Done playing for the year. Never bought or sold before. 10 dollars per 100k mt. Not covering the 10 percent 2ktax. Have over 10 million mt and will be using paypal. Pm if intrested.



Rlly good guy, quick and easy transaction. Vouch.

legit seller, quick and easy


Vouch quick transaction

Quick and Easy transaction!

Vouch. Very good price quick and easy

Vouch. Fast and trustworthy. Would buy again if I need more MT. Good price too.

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@ljk006 rises from the ashes

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Lol I been on a hiatus for suuuure

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Hard Vouch. Quick anD easy

Another vouch. Had to scoop a lil more. Quick and easy

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Vouch easy and simple

Bump. Still have 4 .2 mil left.

Another vouch. Very trustworthy dude

This dude is legit as it gets.

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Vouch. Easy transaction

How much left?

Yea cop a extra 30k to pay up on that tournament :rofl:

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