Selling MT (Xbox) $20/100k

I don’t have any vouchers yet because I have not sold MT before, but I am familiar with how the process works. I’m just done with MyTeam, no reason for me to play any more when I can go play RDR2 or Cod or Madden Ultimate instead. I have been instructed on how to transfer the MT without any risk of being banned by 2k. Very simple.

HMU, I’ve got 1 Million MT in stock right now.

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Bought from this dude. He even went first. Super quick and easy as always. No scam.


500k MT left in stock!

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bought 100 kk very smooth and legit guy here to deal with!!!

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All outta MT atm, will have another 500k or so tomorrow

I have 900k MT back in stock, hmu! $20/100k! Super smooth transactions with plenty of vouchers.

All out! I’ll post when I have move in the future.

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