Selling MT [PS4] (Details Inside!) **One of the Most Trusted Sellers** :Handshake: Details Inside (Over 1500 Positive Reviews!)

Selling PS4 MT

  • PS4=$13usd/100k or $17cad/100k
  • 399k left
  • No Tax Coverage
  • Fast Delivery

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal (Friends and Family only)
  • Canadian E-Transfer
  • Crypto BTC or ETH.
  • CashApp BTC (You need a CashApp BTC Verified Wallet)

All Customers are required to go first

Ways you can contact me if I don’t respond to your PM here:

  • Reddit: /u/jusbro92
  • Discord: HutHeisenberg92#3115

Please Note: All Customers are required to go first with me buying or selling

bought MT, quick and easy whole process took about 15 minutes.

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Another satisfactory transaction. Thanks @jusbro92

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“Anotha one” (in the words of that fat, non DJing guy from Miami). Thanks again @jusbro92.

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This brother is as legit, fast and reliable as they get. Happily again!

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Bought MT, transaction was fast and went smoothly. Would absolutely recommend 100%!

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Highly recommend. I can vouch he is a stand up seller and I will use his services again.

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To anyone looking to purchase from this guy I have a quick story for you.

I was trying to purchase MT off of one of those crap sites online, I found out after I put up the cards that they no longer accepted pay pal.

Found jusbro92 on here screenshot the cards I had initially put up so he could purchase them. I had three diamonds up for a 100k each and an amethyst that was for 50k. I was only buying 300k from him and told him to disregard the amethyst.

He quickly bought the three diamonds and I thought the transaction was finished. I then received a message from him.

The message said " I just bought your amethyst for 50k because I made 59.8K off of the cards I just bought off of you, If you put up a ruby I’ll buy it for the remaining 10k because it’s only fair "

This is someone who not only deserves your business but is 100% honest and genuinely a good person. Can’t vouch enough.


Bump :sunglasses: Pricing and Details at the :top: