Selling MT PS4- $9/100K,

Get your bird and magic! Stack up for friday. Hit me up online now. Previous thread -


I vouch for this guy!

That’s a great deal!!!

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Trustworthy seller here!

Thanks bro! :muscle:t3:

Thanks chief :+1:t3:

1.5M left! will be ol for the next 3 hours

Vouching for my man right here absolutely recommended! :slight_smile:

He’s legit, I vouch for this guy.

Eyyy represent @crunchMan @Orlandomonstars thanks guys.

Big vouch right here! Easy and fast transaction! :ok_hand:

Nice and easy transaction

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Thanks my guy! Vouch for this man as well!

Likewise my guy. Easy to deal with @JayUnderRated

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Big Vouch for my guy!
100% Trustworthy :innocent:

Paid 2 hours advanced, waited for me. Picked my stuff up once I posted it.
He’s a real one.


Thanks for the trust bro. Vouch for this guy as well

Excellent seller! Very fast and smooth transaction. Would buy from again

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How much do you currently have left?

sup still got more