Selling MT PS4 $5/100k (4.5 mil)

Selling 4.5 mil MT, will go first with trusted and longtime members on this site as I’m a new seller here, Paypal friends and family payment only. Message me if interested!

Lowered price to $4.5/100k, $202.5 for it all!

Damn makes me wish I had my ps4 this is a great deal…Best deal on this site for ps4.

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Just sold 500k, have 4.1 mil left! I know just tryna sell the rest of this!

@Kronos_8824 gets a vouch from me! :100:

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@Arcas appreciate it bro!

Bump have 5.1 mil in stock, $4.5/100k!

Excellent customer service skills. A King Vouch @Kronos_8824

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Appreciate it @KingSlimm!

Still have 4.5 mil in stock!


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Vouch! Very fast and no problems at all

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Appreciate it @ACMRmuki!



Appreciate it @BecauseTK!

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Still have 350k left!

Vouch! Patient and easy to communicate with

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Appreciate it @SommerKlay!

I have never bought MT before so I am not “trusted” nor do I have paypal. I’d like to pick up around 200k I can venmo and go first if you want. Not sure if y’all do these types of transactions like that so apologies if I sound like an idiot :sweat_smile:

I don’t have anymore at the moment, I sold my last 350k I had! But I’m only accepting paypal friends and family payment for the time being, but there are plenty of trusted members on this site that accept different payment types, definitely keep a lookout!