Selling MT PS4 22 € per 100k (25$) (Won't be selling until next Friday)

I reached the level of intolerance

I was playing Jurassic Word Evolution and Assassin’s creed origins for the last 2 days and I was loving it. I was having fun while playing

I went back to 2k for draft packs, and I got hyped when I got Towns

But equalizer, 5 out, cheese disgusted me again. So goodbye 2k18. I will be on forums but not playing anymore. I’ll sell my mt soon on ps4


Press f to pay respects

F f f f f

Same here. Probably be selling mt within the week. At least you got a card better than ruby. I feel if your going to spend $40 on packs, you should be guaranteed something of value, ya know? I won’t be playing myteam again after this year. Gonna stick to MyCareer and MyLeagues.

The good news is your having fun in a game again!

Glad you found something you enjoy!

Updated title. I have 1M and 23k

@DEG I know you want some so I’ll keep some for you for a bit but hurry

Forgot to say PayPal Only

Can you hold 130k for me im tryna buy it as soon as possible

Sure thing. But as the title says, it’ll be next Friday