Selling MT on PC ($10 for 1 mln) to help an old doggo

Here’s the dog

She’s almost 13.5 years old and she had a stroke. Today I put her in a clinic for intense therapy which costs me $50 a day. So I decided to make good use of MT that I don’t really need (I haven’t played much lately anyway).

PM me if you’re interested. Right now I can sell 4 mln. If you want more, you’ll have to wait till I sell some valuable cards.


Been downloading since last night. I just want to play with this team in bed. Any idea how much (minus AK) it will cost? I’ll buy that much and a bit more. Not sure how the AH is there.

Legit! Safe seller!

The dog is fine by the way. I took her home couple of hours back.


Bought 4 Mil from him on 1/17. Went smoothly, he answered quickly, got what was promised!