Selling mt cheap both consoles

3.50$ per 100k Xbox and ps4
Switch 10$ per 100k

Working out a 1.4M deal with him. Sent half, hasn’t followed through with 700k. Will keep y’all posted…

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Looking like I got scammed. Unresponsive now, glad I tried paying in increments. Tried telling me he needed full amount before he bought the cards I had up.

Story in 4 parts.

Damn that sux man. I mean sham is in his name

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Agree. I think I would only use someone with good vouches from other members of the group that post regularly. Smart not to give him full amount, though.

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Pretty sure this him cause I see his interests…

I already reported the scam on cash app so we’ll see. Saw he was a user from 2018 so didn’t think much of it :confused:

Hope u get ur money back bro and also fuck hisham​:joy::joy: