Selling MT $6/100k ps4 ~ SOLD OUT

Selling 1.6 mil mt $6/100k. Willing to work deals with ppl that buy in bulk. Haven’t sold but have bought from a few ppl on here. PM if interested, thanks.


Shit, sorry ps4

yo i need 200k can u dm me

I’m interested in 200k please

Tried to PM but I’m at my limit. Interested in 600k can you PM me?

this guy just went ghost lol

Ha man just not use to all the pms. Trying to be fair and deal to everyone in order


Nah I got faith. He’s probably wading thru abt 500 messages.


Just save me my 200k

Sold out! Sorry @MosesTyreke. I left out quite a bit in the op but pm was one of the things I did manage to mention. Never got a pm from you my man. Appreciate those that bought and came thru :call_me_hand:

Bruh I told u to dm me. I cant make posts reached the limit but what’s done is done

Yeah I’m sorry man, like I said I’m new to this. Once the dms start raining in I couldn’t really check the thread

Dang was hoping to get a reply from you lol

Saw it but somehow ppl slipped in front

Great seller Quick and easy ! Sorry late to post this seeing as he’s sold out now

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Legit seller 100% vouch

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