Selling Kareem for Kobe? Help please

Really want that kobe for a high powered offense, even though I don’t lack the offense. Thinking about selling hat Kareem in order to be able to afford him as I’m sitting at 200k right now. Smart choice?

tmac is literally the same. downgrade your kd is what i would say and thatll free up like 200k

If Kareem is on your bench I say go ahead. I really never understand why guys have players worth over 100k on their bench. I’d rather use one or two diamonds max off the bench and rest Amy or Ruby. That way my starting 5 is the best I can get. That’s me though. I only run 8 or 9 man rotations.

bad choice, you just said you dont need offense.

He cant downgrade. Hes got hakeem. So durant is locked in

So lets say you get kobe. Where are you gunna play him ? Only spot that makes sense is him over kawhi. Jimmy butler u locked in so u probably wanna run him. But u could sell kawhi if kobe takes his place