Selling Fully Badged Blake Griffin & Zydrunas Ilgauskas w/Diamond Shoe + Contract

The new Porzingis’ surprise release has made both of these cards expendable, so I put them up for 100,000 MT a piece (with no buy now) on the Xbox One auction house ending on Saturday at 9 PM eastern time.

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I sold davis because of porzingod Haha

I never bought into the AD hype, but he’s definitely another card that I would put behind Porzingis in the stretch big rankings.

You just can’t beat 7’3" with good athleticism and a smooth shot release.

Blake has the athleticism but lacks the height and a good jump shot animation.

Big Z has the height and a good jump shot animation but lacks the athleticism.

Porzingis has all three traits and costs half as much.

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Why sell Blake tho? I would use Hakeem and ad and bench Porz and Blake.

I only run an 8-man rotation, and Blake just has too many flaws for me to keep him in my collection instead of cashing him in for 100K MT.

Hakeem and Porzingis are my starting bigs.

Duncan, LJ, and Rashard Lewis are my bench cards.

Blake’s not that much better than any of those free cards on my bench, so there’s no point in keeping him when he costs 100K MT.

Do you run a only 3 bigs? Who’s your bigs then? I know you said Porz who else you running?

You are right man. I can’t wait for a PD Porzingis.
Anyway have you tried Shaq?

Double teams are so dangerous in this year’s game that I need to have all my players capable of hitting threes so that I can keep the floor spread against double team spammers.

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Both auctions end in 10 minutes.