Selling Darius Miles w/ Diamond pg2k17 Shoe, All gold badges, 20+ contracts

Let me know what you would buy him for a I can post him for a BIN when I get home. Gold Def Stopper, Rim protector, catch and shoot

Why you getting rid of him already?

I unlocked stockton and needed to reconfigure my lineup. Still love my boy darius but could use a little MT boost if anyone is interested. My opinion that hes probably the best ruby available hasnt changed

Oscar Manu Melo Timmy KAJ
Stockton Finley Pierce AK47 Mutombo

I gotcha. Yeah, he is a beast. I badged him up, just couldn’t commit a 25k-30k shoe to a ruby. He’s definitely a top 2 ruby for me. Mo Peterson is sick too though.

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Where’s hill?

Decided stockton over hill. Hill is my last one i need

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Why? What’s going to happen if your opponent runs Oscar throughout the game? You just don’t sub Stockton in?

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Can try to put at 2, sometimes works.

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Sorry whats the question? I run my starters and bench in platoon for the most part

Ever since Oscar came out if you know how to utilize him correctly no point guard in the game currently can guard him including PD Stockton too small. That being said if your opponent uses Oscar the whole game will you keep Stockton out of the game?

But Melo will be at the 2 Stockton will get demolished

No not at all. I still play him I just wont have stockton guard Oscar if hes really a problem but it never seems like people online make it a point of emphasis to torture Stockton. If anything Ill just switch Finleys and stocktons def assignments.

Stockton creates more than enough offense for him and others to make up for any defensive shortcomings and also having mutombo protect the paint behind him makes it hard to really take advantage of stockton unless they have a stretch 5 but yo udont see those as much now a days and even then I could just have mutombo guard the non shooting big man and still patrol / off ball when i see oscar get into the post

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Nah man, youre looking to deep, people to dumb to explote matchups unless its at point guard position.

Especially online or in qualifiers where they are only 4 mins per quarter

Personally if my opponent has AI, Curry, or Stockton it’s game over. I’ll force you to sub him out by running a lineup of Oscar, Melo, and king who all have 95+ post fade-away on my team. Which is a basket every possession. Decide to double team? Open 3

Yah man, but you need to look what people do, not what would you do :smile:

That’s true. I mean isn’t Oscar going for BIN? Fucking joke

How much?

I mean honestly tho saying youre going to post someone to death is good in theory and on paper but if youre down in the game by lets say 5-7 points ill gladly let my opponent drain clock trying to get a post fade thats not even close to 100% going in.

Not bin since hes outta packs.