Selling Cheapest 2k22 MT for PS4&5/XBOX Current&Next Gen /PC

I had been sell millions of MT to some resellers since 2K21 and starting to do retails Now.
100% legit! 100% legit! 100% legit! I can provide lots of prove.

Price list (updated :12th June)
XBOX: $5.5/100k - $52/1M
PS: $4.5/100k - $43/1M

Delivery time :5-20 mins
Payment Methods: Paypal F&F

I guarantee you that I am providing you the cheapest price available compare to all major gaming coins website as well as resellers per martket price.

email: Ways you can contact me if I don’t respond to your PM here:

Vouch for me if we made any MT transction.Anyone vouched will get a 5% special discount for next order.
Highly appreciated for all.

transction made on 11th AND 12th. June

lmk if anyone interested

price updated everyday

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what’s going on buddy??

do you have any mt left for pc

yes, significant stocks
buy whatever you want buddy

My vouch in Twitter

Major vouch. Dude was super quick to respond when I needed to buy some MT. Took a hiatus on 2k this year due to work and finally had a chance to get back on. Lol obviously needed some MT so came back on these classified streets. Appreciate the service bro!

thank you sir
it’s my honor to be your supplier
feel free to him me up for MT Plug , best price ever had

completed XBOX MT 1mill

updated price
4.5/100K for PS and Xbox