Selling Cards

Just unlocked the auction house. Do you think now is the time to sell players? Not many are up…

Nah, a few of us have sold but not received our MT

Probs a glitch like last years my player lmao

Most likely, i put my ticket in though and now i shall await my standard copy and paste reply from 2k support and get ready to go in circles with them lol

Had the same problem last year at launch

Wait until more players have the game and players have more MT. That’s what I’m doing.

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Both consoles?

Is it a good idea to buy this sapphire or ruby cards for the current price? Cant decide it will be goes up in the first 2 weeks or down. More cards but more MT will be in the market…
I bought Mitchell for 10k he was the only one up for 3mins cant decide its a W or an L.
Any plans for the AH?