Selling back cards after reaching 1000

What is the best method to sell back cards. Is there a quick way and how many can I post at a time. Also are there any cards i should not sell back, I want to make as much MT as possible?

Selling the cards back sucks balls unfortunately
nothing you can do, it’s actually more of a grind than getting to 1000.

What do you do to get the most MT out of it/

Check individually how much each item is going for and re post it.

Some stuff is not worth selling back like bronze coaches, logos etc.

Learn the prices of the valuable cards and set the starting bid close to current value do not put anything BIN on the first attempt. All other crds set the starting bid on the lowest and let the market dictate the price. On the second or third try the ones you have left that didnt sell you can set them at BIN prices. Only when youre are tired of doing this proccess over and over do quick sells if you still need the MT.

How do I learn the value of cards with out checking each one by one. Ive seen silvers go for 3000-20000. Ive also seen jerseys and balls go from 300-1500… I just dont want to list as the lowest of the type of card and loss out because one low bid.

The AH system is so wack compared to other games where you can compare prices of players from the player card.

If you’re on Xbox you can sell em to me lol I need 500 more cards just come up with a price and illl cop

Its not worth the time to check them individually… What I did is that I posted them for 24 hours in the same price range. If anything is left I went down in the range for another 24 hours.

Jerseys from 1900, courts 1400, logos 1400 for example.

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Im not at 1000 yet im at over 800 and should get there this weekend just wanted to know the most effective way to sell back.

Wait are you starting the jerseys at 1900 Bid with no BIN or is 1900 your BIN with your lowest Bid to start?

Sorry, BIN.

I bought most of them for 500-750 so its a good profit and fast.

Making maximum MT and not spending a lot of time individually, mutiple times across multiple days is impossible.

There is no magic bullet. Either you spend time or you forego max profit.

What we need is a real-time online database with prices.

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I’d love an option to sell a huge stack of cards for even 50% of the average selling price. Doing anything on the AH is so boring to me after all these years.

False everything is worth selling because people want to get to 1000 cards just like u. I spent liike 5 hours buying hundreds of cards to get there. Just list everything for 1k, and youll get that for sure. Some stuff is worth more. For arenas,logos, uniforms. Do 24 hr auctions

Yea the system is so dated compared to other games. I really wonder who is working on these games. A quick look at games that do this kinda mode well would sold a lot of issues (Fifa, madden).

So you start players at 1000 bid for 4 hours and everything else at minimum bid for 24 hours?

How many logos and courts did you sell for 1000, 5?:joy:

prob 25+ so far… just keep reposting them…

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