Selling account ps4 need sold ASAP

Dm for price or if you have any questions
If you play park I have multiple builds including a pure lock max badges pure sharp HOF limitless and 3 other builds over 85 overall
I have the nba draft and 20th anniversary 2 sets locked in and have all POTM cards excluding dr J (including Rudy Gay, J will, Wes, Gervin, David Thompson)
Free Psn name change still available

Second lineup is just more cards.

Five bucks

Top offer atm^

I’ll do you one better 6 dollars


Alright how about 11

20 bones

Throw in a draft pick and it’s yours

2nd rounder

Nah first rounder

Ight Protected 1st Round 2022

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@Jarrod you heard the man

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@Jarrod I got you a lot of value here. That pick in 2022 gonna be some great talent

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Atm I think I’ll take it unless there’s better offers maybe an unprotected pick



Nvm I don’t see Shaq or giannis

In that case, unprotected 1st round 2021 pick with the 20 piece

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What console