Selling 94 Pierce, good move or nah?

Have 39k rn, team of amys and rubies, didn’t really want to sell Paul, he was going for 34k-40k depending on time, so I posted him for 50k w/ diamond contract so if he does sell I’ll get max profit, I don’t think he would be worth less than 45k

get Worthy and use the rest on the rest of ur team

I run worthy already, this is my lineup:

89 Kenny Smith (temporary, dont know who to put) PG 89 John Wall
89 JR Smith w/ gold difficult shots SG 94 Gail Goodrich w/ gold posterizer
92 Kobe Bryant w/ mid range shoe SF 89 Klay
(blank, where PP used to be) PF 95 J Worthy
92 Nikola Jokic C 88 John Collins

sold: Alex English, 91 Wade, Pierce

Jayson Tatum and Harrington are good all around rubies. That new Diaw is a budget monster, look at his attributes, nothing under 80. Also amy MJ is dirt cheap, can be found under 20k and can carry your team

yeah, thinking about Diaw, but after him im not looking for more rubies, i need an upgrade, i cant keep up with the godsquads on superaids

Michael Redd, Kukoc and Deng I heard were really good and should be cheap still

Also John Starks, crazy hof badges. nice all around. kinda small for sg tho