Selling 500k - $15 CAD / 100k or $50CAD/400k / PS4 / 100% legit

Hi Guys,

Selling $15 CAD/100k or $50CAD/400k

Accept Paypal friends and family / EMT (Email money transfer) only.


  • Check vouches below.
  • I will not buy your cards first - the money has to be sent first.
  • PM ME



If this is legit, its a real good deal. $15 CAD=$11.31 USD.

I mean you just joined here so maybe its a good way to get some vouches if you arent scamming. Its all up to you.

Damn wish I had PayPal

Super legit, easy transaction, no 10% fee, cheap mt. Guys a great seller

Legit. Best prices around. Buy while you can!

thanks guys!

going to sleep now, will be back tomorrow after work! Let me know if you need MT,

only have 900k left, - quitting myteam,

+1 vouch, this guy is legit and has the best prices I have seen yet. Was fast and efficient

Msg you yesterday on psn

updated thread - looking to do one last sale.

bump 500 k left

Someone :pray: buy this guys MT lol.