Selling 400K XB1 MT

Selling XB1 400K MTs

100K/15$ and 400K/50$

Only USA customers.

I can go first if you’re OG member.

I’m selling my XB1 so I need to sell these ASAP.

If you don’t trust me I can send you my letgo profile.

Pm me if you interested.

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Any vouches on here .??

You can be the first one bro

bump still got 400k to sell

For the first customer 50K for 5$ or 100k for 10$. I’m trying to get vouches. IF you’re OG I’ll go first


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My last offer still counts 50/5 $ or 100/10$ for the first customer !

Still got 300k I’m throwing it for 30$ no cap hurry !

I was skeptical at first cause he was new but I bought 200k and he went first and he was fast and legit. Big vouch

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I got 100k left for 10$ PSN store code(USA).

Bump still got 100k to throw price is 10$ PSN store code. If you’re OG I’ll go first


bump i need to get rid of MT throwing 100k for 10$ PSN Store code !

Yo you got any Xbox Mt left

Vouch, quick and easy 100k