Selling 3 million MT PS4 @ 6/100k

My first time selling on this site I have bought MT from multiple sellers,PM for any questions thanks.

Good luck with the sale but you about double the current market value.


I sold for $10 yesterday, it’s a wasteland out there bro. Supply and demand


I’ll go 10 per all coin sites are 12+

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2KG members don’t buy anywhere else, but from other members. Coin site prices don’t count for shit around here. Good luck to you though! :four_leaf_clover:


For that price you’re better off selling it on twitter

Lol honestly I don’t even care to sell I saw someone sell at 10 per and people were buying so I figured why not give it a shot.


It’s crazy everybody has an opinion on what I want to sell for … its either you want to buy or you don’t simple.


We just trying to help you selling it quicker

NBA2K21 is out in 32 days, so you can’t sit on it and wait for people to come. I am a regular MT buyer and 10$ is way to much. I can get 100k for 5$

Now if you don’t change the price, good luck for selling man


Nothing wrong with your price. Your price is your price. And honestly, there seems to be more demand than supply the last few days.

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This is average price on Xbox, I don’t understand the demand tho because none of the new cards are expensive

Me either but I feel it is worth trying if you don’t really feel 4 mill MT is need atm

can you please dm me cause i can’t

Keep it at 10 bro people be buying at 12 past few days lmao.

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Lol trust me I know I’ve seen price from 9-12 per since yesterday.


Who would rip themselves off at 10 per

Not nice man. Its not that bad of a price tbh.

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Vouch. Quick and easy.

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