Selling 2K23 MT on PlayStation & XBOX (Both Generations) **One of the Most Trusted Sellers** ๐Ÿค (Over 3000 Positive Reviews!)

:basketball: :basketball: NBA 2K23 MT :basketball: :basketball:

:video_game:PlayStation (Both Gens)

  • 423k left (MUST BUY ALL)
  • Price=$16.50usd or $22cad
  • 10% Tax Not Covered!
  • Fast Delivery! :dart::dart::zap:

:video_game:Xbox(Both Gens)

  • $4usd or $5.50cad PER 100k
  • 300k Minimum Purchase!
  • 10% Tax Not Covered!
  • Fast Delivery! :dart::dart::zap:

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal Friends and Family USD payments only and will only will sell to you via PayPal if you have good buying history on your 2KGamer Account.
  • Canadian Etransfer
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • CashApp BTC Wallet

Please Note: All Customers are required to go first with me buying or selling

My Reputation: (Over 3000 Reviews)

Ways you can contact me if I donโ€™t respond to your PM here:

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