Selling 2K22 Series X|S MT 1.3 Million $5/100K or $65 for all of it (All 2K Taxes Covered)

Edit: Lowering price to $5/100K or $65 for all of it. Have 1.3 Million MT available for sale. Will cover all taxes and as a thank you, throw in an extra 30K MT for free. Prefer to sell all of it in one transaction, want to get it over with so i can uninstall. Can go first as well.

Please read below if interested.

Hello. I’ve finally decided to move on from 2K22 Series X as i finished unlocking all the achievements and my fun with the game has also run out. Currently sitting on 1.3 million MT for the Series X version and I’m trying to sell it all off to anyone who will make use of it before I uninstall. I’m also covering all 2K taxes. Prefer to sell it all at once and get it over with. I accept paypal/friends & family ONLY and I’m NOT going first. MT will be delivered swiftly after payment received. This is my first time selling through here but have great pride and integrity in all my transactions anywhere. I can also message you through my ebay store i’ve used since 2005 to sell and you can see my 100% trustworthy feedback if requested. I’ve also have purchased services from @Andrius27 in the past on this site and paid him instantly. Feel free to message me through this, or you can also contact me through my Discord- Snake#0862 if you’re interested. Also willing to work out a deal. Thank you.

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Scooped it up from him, farewell from 2k22✌🏽

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