Selling 1.85 million MT for Xbox. $50 for everything (No longer Available)

I havent played since season 1 due to family medical issues. I dont plan on playing anymore this year. Right now I have 1,855,997 MT and a few more things selling worth about another 50,000 which ill give to the buyer at no extra cost when they sell. I am selling ALL at once and not small chunks. I have been an active member on here for years and bought from other and sold off all my MT last year as well on here. Let me know if your interested. Im working but will respond in between meetings.

Accepting Paypal Friends and Family only

Someone has offer to take it all so as of now (Sold)

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If anyone has a deal like this hmu

Same. I haven’t played all year, don’t even have the game yet, but I want to get back on and I’ll buy a XBox account. I’ve been on this forum for years and have plenty of vouches.