Sellin Giannis with diamond contract, White kobes

Ending in 50 mins on xbox, fully badged with limiltess & DRD as well. Hope he goes to a good home!

Yikes why would u sell giannis? Good luck to your myteam they will b mouring this loss.

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Yeah I’ve thought about selling but there’s really nobody that can replace him. Unless i sell out for the GO I think he’s going to stay on my squad all year

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I have no chance @ the opal so pd giannis is an end gamer for me this year.


Sellin him cus hes going for a ton rn, the cards one of a kind i just wanna try some new players with however much MT he sells for

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my guy where the hell you been?

Lol i been laying low. I was wanting to see u take the forbes article guy apart. But he got scared once you showed up :joy::joy::joy::v:

He is going for a ton. N ur right once he drops down to 150k ima feel like an ass having paid 350k lol :joy::joy:

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Nice hope he sells for 70k bro


lmao he scared of awanz too

He shld b lol. He said put up the belt smh :joy::joy::joy: like there aint a line for that thing lol

ended at 453k, he’ll certainly be missed but i cant complain about the price lmao

Nice! Mine got less than 400k last week with the same stuff. There were plain ones that sold for more