Sell your series 2 golds/silvers

Sell your series 2 golds and silvers. I quicksold so many golds before and now people are locking them in. Some of them sold for 5-8k


Yup, I didn’t have near what most you guys have, but I I did do pretty well on my series 2’s

Bet. I have a ton of series 2 cards

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Geewwd Laaawwd that’s a lot of money.

Chris Rock voice.

Big W

112 golds vs 185 silvers

series 1 was 67 gold vs 250 silvers.

tip: sell ur golds for a higher price. they should still go bcos of scarcity

I sold mostly series 2 guys and made around 200k last night. I’d say 75% of it was gold and silver series 2 guys

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I never quicksell anything without checking anymore. I’ve noticed golds & silvers have value. Some emeralds. Almost every ruby and sapphire is QS though. Still worth it to check in most cases.

Good look. There were no Gold Marc Gasols up for bin on Xbox so I posted him for 7k and he got bought within 10 minutes.

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thanks i bought so many golds at 700 or below last weekend for the hour or so that I considered doing collector level rewards


Still a good idea to sell? I have a ton , not sure if tokens are worth it

Heat checks too made me a ton

damn i got complete set 1 and 2. still not locked since i produce tokens pretty easy on tto. should i sell them all? i need like 83 cards to pippen.

i sold a lot of series 2 golds and silvers from 2,000 - 3,500 today. i’d probably sell as you can buy back for cheaper as token demand goes down and when we get content again

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will do then. i got them all below 1k each.