Sell tonight or hold for the weekend?

Got some high tier cards to sell. I always wait for the weekend but if they drop heat on Friday I don’t wanna get caught in the crash.

What’s the move?

Risky to put anything up when a teaser could come out tonight imo, this set is bound to be killer and I think offloading last Sunday was the move.


I’d sell before the weekend personally but I’ve been wrong before. All depends on what they drop, most people expect a big drop though

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Just put it up tonight… hang on to whatever only way you’ll take an L is if it’s anniversary players and they come out with kg because for a short period of time I feel like they all will go up in price

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Yeah, hanging on to anything right now is super risky. One big, surprise pack release and damn near everything goes down in value.

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And now I’m regretting the big bid I put down to try out Bird… C’mon somebody outbid me!

Actually… just sell everything, have a decent team, wait about two-3 weeks and a big crash should happen between then and now lol

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Appreciate the input everyone. Ended up putting up Melo Kareem Drob MJ and Harden. Held on to PG13 for now.


Crash coming tomorrow.

Anything that doesn’t go into a set is going to slowly slide towards BIN over the next month or so.

What cards are you referring too?

I sniped for gils yesterday. Put them at 12 hours last night and he sold for 150. I didn’t think I’d get near that much. I’d wait to see if there’s a teaser. And if there’s not. Try to set it up so it would sell around 1030-11 New York time. You have to think all these kids are in summer break and really to drop some MT when they don’t have shit to do in the morning.

I just got a limited Kobe for 3.6. I placed a bid for fun before I went out thinking I was gonna get outbid real quick. Not sure how I feel about this…

My expensive cards are melo, gil, and yao, should I sell everything tonight or hold onto it

I think I might wait to see if there is a teaser released, then put something up to finish at like 10-11 am tomorrow, is that smart

Yeah, that’s a good plan. If they do drop a teaser, it will be here soon

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Do you think Yao will drop or rise?

Man I honestly don’t know… if they drop another bad ass center, he will drop a bit. If not, I doubt it… he’s the tallest Opal big man and has a cash release

With the stability of the servers I would not put up anything over bin.

I think imma just keep him then, I got diamond pgs on him too

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